Anterior tooth aesthetics

A beautiful smile is the visiting card of each human being. Aesthetic dentistry can help to achieve that. Personally, I am fascinated by this specialized part of dental medicine, because it is related to arts and calls for creativity and skilled finishing touches. This is why I specialized on this type of treatment. 

If you have an aesthetic matter to discuss, but feel unsure how to realize this, you can contact us for an appointment and we can speak together about possible solutions and draft a treatment plan.

Composites and Veneers

As a dental technician and dental surgeon I am able to render visible even the smallest defects. At the same time a natural-aesthetic appearance has top priority. For that reason the preservation of your own teeth’s substance is therefore absolutely vital. The latest adhesive technology enables to work exclusively additive. This means that small broken parts or edges can be replaced without sacrificing any of the teeth’s substance. Alternatively, one can opt for ceramic veneers or Verblendschalen (stints), manufactured in our own laboratory. Here too, we work with the so-called non-prep-method, which

implies that no substance of the teeth will be taken off. Only shape and colour will be redesigned. In our own laboratory we can advise you beforehand by creating individually prepared models in order to get you an idea of the final result before the treatment starts. We always call on you to ask questions and let us know your wishes, concerns or worries. We can then discuss everything with calm until you are entirely happy, secure and at ease with your treatment. Utter and entire transparency throughout your treatment is fundamental for your well-being and the basis for our work.

Functional analysis

Chronic problems with the mandibular joint become more and more a reason to call for help and advice in our practice. Pain and distress in that area are often a result of continuous occlusal stress like nocturnal crunching with teeth. Also accidents, a congenital malposition or previous dental pre-treatments can disturb the mechanics of the mandibular articulation. Not uncommonly chronic tension of the cervical

vertebrae, vertigo and headache are attributed to a poor mechanism of the mandibular articulation. A thorough functional analysis reveals these mechanical problems and allows a target-orientated therapy. Generally this means that we prepare a specially modelled, customized set-up splint. Our own laboratory guarantees the precise rehabilitation of your mandibular functions.

Complete ceramic crown, ceramic inlay,
partial ceramic crown


The most advanced materials allows us to recreate without any addition of cement and metal joints to reconstruct the anatomic structure of the teeth. The total ceramic method enables you to have a highly aesthetical result, while maintaining your teeth’s substance at a maximum by means of special adhesive devices.  

Microscope-assisted endodontic root canal treatment

By talking about endodontics, we understand the high-quality treatment of teeth, whose nerve inside the dental root has been damaged or has necrotized already. While this until a few years ago lead almost inevitably to a total loss of the tooth, it is today possible by means of the latest and most advanced technical innovations in the dental medicine to preserve teeth which have received endodontic root treatment. 

In our practice we exercise this treatment microscope-assisted with the goal of:
> locating and discovering all root canals
> thorough and complete disinfection
> cleaning and mechanical processing by means of measuring instruments of the root canals
> entire and complete occlusion with high-quality abacterial substances

Dental implantology

Dental implantology is the most advanced method to substitute teeth. When missing one, several or even all teeth, implantology is a reliable alternative to dental prothesis and they offer you an aesthetically and functional solution. The dental implant consists of titanium, a biologically highly 

acceptable substance, which is also used with great success in the field of endoprothetics. By means of ambulant anaesthetics, with a local or general anaesthetic, the implant offers you the optimum substantial basis for your new teeth.

Professional odontexis and prophylaxis

At the beginning of each treatment is a clean dental tooth. Professional tooth cleaning embraces a thorough but gentle excision of calcular deposits, persistent residues and discolorations by means of dental curettes, ultrasound or “airflow”.  A comprehensive polishing afterwards guarantees, that the surface is smoothed in order to prevent a new settlement of bacteria. Furthermore, we take great care of you, giving you advice how to continue your optimum inter-dental hygiene at home. We offer you time to explain which optimum 

size of an interdental-toothbrush to use and how to use it, in order to enable you to take care of your own teeth every day at home best possible. For the surface-hardening of your dental enamel and the herewith related prophylaxis against tooth decay, your teeth will subsequently be fluoridated. Should you be unhappy with the colour of your teeth even after thorough cleaning, we can inform you about bleaching your teeth to achieve an even lighter colour.

Parodontal therapy

Encountering far-reaching, profound problems of the apparatus holding your teeth, the so-called paradontitis/paradontosis, the subjacent parts of the dental root will be cleaned and smoothed. By means of this method, regular professional prophylaxis and good collaboration with the patient, we can 

avoid settlement of new bacteria. The receding gum heals easily and recovers its sturdy and firm structure.


Children should enjoy their visit to the dentist in an anxiety free surrounding. This is a declared objective or our dental practice. We show your children how to optimize their use of the toothbrush in a relaxed atmosphere, we show them how to enjoy teeth cleaning with delight, fervour, accuracy and care. We suggest to get your children’s teeth checked 

continuously, get them polished, cleaned and fluoridated regularly. Prevention/prophylaxis is the best defence against caries! Should one of the teeth require a small filling, we can provide the tooth with the most advanced adhesive composite materials.